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22 Years in the Family of Women – and Still Getting Gifts

Being in regular relationship with women in the Family of Women allows me to tell the truth about who I am, who I am not, and who I will never be — in addition to sharing who I hope to be.

I have shared my thoughts/dreams/expectations — from the most mundane to the far more serious — and always been accepted. There is always the possibility (and probability) that my telling the truth may open me up to questions from the women — some questions that bring clarity to those who are listening and some questions that bring clarity to me in my journey.

I joined the Family of Women in 1998 (22 years ago). Throughout my journey with the Family of Women, I have navigated taking responsibility for my first marriage, responsibility for raising my two sons, responsibility for “raising” myself, responsibility for dreaming of, seeking out, and committing to a second marriage, responsibility for raising our two daughters — and the continuing “raising” of myself. The women in my group support my continuous unfolding and truth-telling in a way that helps me to trust doing it again and again.

I am grateful for each and every woman who has touched my life. There is a regular/continuous evolution for me as I grow and shift, just as life grows and shifts. I am looking forward (most of the time) to more successes on this beautiful (mostly beautiful) journey of LIFE.

~Karleen, California

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