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Finding Time to Even Write This

Busy mom finds time to write

I’ve been trying to write blogs for a couple of months. As a wife and mom of three, there is so much that I’ve learned here that I want to share. I’m practically busting at the seams to get it out. I even wrote one and the Microsoft trickster managed to disappear said document. A very wise woman in the Family of Women told me that in her experience whenever she declares a goal or want or wish for herself, the Universe whispers back to her, “Oh yeah? Prove it.”

Since I said it out loud that I want to write, my 1-year-old has morphed into Jack Jack from the Incredibles, seemingly moving through walls and levitating onto surfaces with an ease I find chilling. Simple tasks like loading the dishwasher must be done with stealth and I have all but given up on using my stove. I throw goldfish and granola bars at my children and let survival of the fittest sort it all out.

During this time, I have leaned HEAVILY (like 4 tequila shots heavy) on what I learned from Family of Women’s Leadership Training. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, at times you may be put outside your comfort zone in a way that gives you insight into your leadership “opportunities.” How and why is different for each woman, but for me I came up against not getting it done my way or on my time. I had to make it work AND make sure everyone succeeds. Or not…but then life doesn’t move forward, and I don’t get to play as big in my life as I could.

I always come back to letting go of the idea of sitting down with a block of time where I would start and finish the task in one shot. It’s incremental. Sometimes as small as 10-15 minutes slotted in here or there and trusting myself enough to get it done. When I let go of my picture and said yes to trusting myself, more and more slots appeared. Soon 15 minutes became 30 minutes and before I know it, I am riding the wave instead of being pulled down by the undertow.

The fact that you are reading this means that I am surfing along – today at least – and now the Universe is whispering back to me, “Nicely done. Now on to the next round….”

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