We lead, inspire and mentor women to embrace their power, purpose and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships.  We empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

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Southwest Chapter Meeting 
Sunday, September 10th 
Norwalk, CA
Started with "Sharing is Caring"
 Kick-Off energetically dancing to the beat..
"We are Family ... I've got all my women with me..
We are family supporting each other to be..."_______(You fill in the blank!)
Who we are... connecting globally..
We are responsible members owning the success of our programs, chapters, territories, the entire Family of Women organization.
Connecting the dots...
The Mission Statement, standards, core values are the tools that  support to elevate us to better human beings...
Declaring my  story and courageously owning it...gives me the power to be accountable to myself... 
Self - creative expression of what we have and what we want....
Fully embracing our power, purpose and value, we start to create the life we say we want...
Where do we find our inspiration?
We trust... we trust the voice that speaks to you in a feminine tone.... We are open to receive...
It is not how we do things, it is how much love we put into it...
"Sharing is Caring"
Celebration time!!!
A shout out to our Birthday Babes:
July - September
Gloria, Mary Scarlett, Cari, Goli, Marie, Deanna, Loren and Lisa
(Not in the picture Bambi)
What's next?
To use the tools we know, use every opportunity to learn about who we are in relationships.. and let's live our lives with  purposand style !!


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