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Becoming A Leader In The Family of Women

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I joined the Family of Women when I was 27 and I’m now 55 so I feel like I’ve grown up in the Family of Women. Doing Leadership Training was a very big deal for me because I knew that I would be called on to lead in some capacity the following cycle and as a shy person, well, the thought of me doing that was terrifying. But, I must say that becoming a leader is almost a rite of passage in the Family of Women because it really propels us to get to that next level in our lives. If you know that there are personal barriers you need to break through, do Leadership Training. Public speaking is not as scary as it once was to me. Being in leadership in the FOW has really helped build my confidence and given me my voice and taught me that my opinions and ideas do matter and I can really help other women by just saying my truth.
~ Gloria

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