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Our gift to you, our Busy Woman’s Recipe Book, reflects the many voices and the wisdom of our community; both current and former members of the Family of Women.

You’ll find “good food” favorites from around the world – some passed down generationally – and self-care tips, tools, exercises, and some great wisdom.

We hope you get a “taste” of who we are.


Recipes and tips from the women in our lives — our grandmothers, our neighbors, our friends.  You’ll find some great food recipes, some self-care tips and recipes, and relationship tips.

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Who are we?

The Family of Women is an international organization of women focused on being the women the world needs us to be — in our families, communities, and the world. We believe in healthy relationships and hold each other accountable to what we say we want in our lives.

We dare to go beyond the judgement and competition that is too often the norm among women. We are women who hold each other to higher standards of trust and acceptance. We are women who have the audacity to believe that we can live a life of passion and purpose and that another woman’s success does not impede our own.

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What do we offer women?

The Family of Women provides the tools and education for women to achieve success in their relationships and lives. From weekly meetings to virtual and in-person training, we offer opportunities for women to grow and learn how to embrace their power, purpose and value. To have successful relationships with others, we must first have successful relationships with ourselves.

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