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Can You Say “Croquembouche”? – Making Dough to Raise Dough

The Orange County Day Program members and friends rolled up their sleeves and learned to make Croquembouche – a French cream-filled puff pastry tower held together with caramelized sugar.

Everyone learned that Croquembouche and the Family of Women share a common bond: the secret to building this elegant, delicious dessert and to loving the lives we live is: “begin with a solid foundation”.

Over $200 was raised for the Southwest Chapter 2020 General Fund to sustain the Chapter and its Programs’ administrative and operating expenses in support of the mission of the Family of Women.


[Pictured above L to R: Karin Murphy, Alice Henselman, Goli Aydin, Lila Grant, Ingrid Mitchell, Patti Porto, Sharilyn Nicargi, Julie Kollar, Shauna Torok, Lisa Tsuda, Belinda Blaney]

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