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Change, Part 1: Choosing Change

Change is something many of us are alternatively looking forward to, fearing, seeking, or avoiding. But you know what? Change doesn’t care. It just goes about its business. Change is a part of living.

In this blog, a woman shares about her process through a major life change that she chose to undertake.

“A universal confluence of circumstances led me to making a major change in my life,” said Maggie. Initially I found there was a financial opportunity for me. At first my plan was to lower my mortgage interest rate on my home. As a result of going through that process, I realized it was better for me to sell my home.

While speaking with my niece and nephew who were looking at homes out of state, they encouraged me to look at a location I would never have previously considered. I drove up to see their new home, and while visiting I experienced a different energy and the overwhelming friendliness of the local people. I felt the area could be a new home for me. I took on selling my home as I selected a new home in this new location. Everything came together.

I continued to trust the process. Once home, I listed and sold my home in 2 days! In the meantime, I found out that the house I wanted in the new location was within my budget – and I just needed to wait for it to be built. I needed a temporary place to live and was fortunate to find a Mother-in-Law unit that I moved into.

Next, I looked at my vision. I told myself “Here is an opportunity to take on my vision, realizing and taking in what I deserve.” I continued turning over my vision to the universe. While loving myself, I took steps to be in better health and to manifest a male partner.

I experienced resistance to moving from several people who love me. I responded that “I want my 3rd act to be different. Nothing was going to stop me from taking responsibility for my own happiness.” I was saying “Yes” to creating a new community. The bottom line: I was trusting the universe. I provided no resistance.

We can’t control the outcome, we have to trust the outcome.” – Maggie

What have I learned in the Family of Women that was helpful to me in going through this change? The Family of Women Standards, the Core Values, being my word. Being my word is not just being my word to others, it’s being my word to myself. If I’m not being authentic and taking real action on what I say I want, I’m not living in Integrity. It’s very present for me. Being in integrity with my actions on my own behalf. Service, Respect. Respect in the case of respecting myself.

Being open to hearing the truth is sometimes only hearing other people’s truth as they reflect their fears, etc. I chose not to take on other people’s fears. I spent too many years living in regret, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. For me, fear never entered into this process, honestly.

I kept trusting the universe to take care of me. I can stay ready, do the footwork, make a plan, etc, and life happens. I provided no resistance to this whole transition, and I believe that’s why it all went so well. “No resistance for my highest and greatest good. It’s the result of the transformational work I’ve done, everything I’ve done in AA, etc. Everything brought me right here to where I am right now.”

The bottom line: I was trusting the universe. I provided no resistance.”  – Maggie

People tell me that I’m courageous. It takes courage to keep going, to be able to make decisions on my own behalf. It’s been an amazing new chapter for me since making this move. Humility is the most important thing to me after integrity.

Gratitude, abundance, surrender, are the ideals that created the freedom that I have today.

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