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Random Acts of Kindness (Community Service)


Our LSR Tuesday Morning “We Have the Power” ladies chose for our Community Service project to remember and record RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS we did this cycle. Increasing our awareness seemed to even increase the kind acts we find so rewarding to do. It fit seamlessly with our Vision of being “Women with open hearts attracting others through intimacy, vulnerability, and inclusivity. We are a powerhouse of women, making a positive contribution in the world.”

Each of us chose our favorite of the many ACTS we had the pleasure of sharing:

Ruth Trembley (Leader) – My act was to leave $20 at the grocery store with the cashier on behalf of the elderly woman in line behind me. Beautiful!

Connie Ballou – My act was taking time to listen to a stranger. A young man (32) had just broken up with his girlfriend, quit his job (after working hard and saving money), and is currently traveling around the country trying to “find himself”. He was feeling down, concerned that his mom was “worried about him”. The conversation was just what the doctor ordered, and we both left walking on air.

Sue Barber – My act was to donate three bags of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank supporting my sister’s food donation project.

Darl Sitka – I had a birthday party in the Community Room — I invited friends and also posted signs to include everyone. During the party I saw a neighbor who happens to be fading mentally — I went outside to invite her in, twice, before she finally came — it was so heartwarming to see her so happily enjoying herself and the cheesecake!

Jean Pisio – My acts of kindness have focused on being good to the earth. Taking care to recycle as much as possible in my home: Glass, plastics, paper, tin, bringing my own cutlery for picnics, reusable coffee mugs, tote bags for groceries and veggie bags for produce. Reuse, recycle – old clothes and furniture, too, whenever I can. To top it off, composting my kitchen waste helps to regenerate the soil.


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