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Coping By Being Connected

Holy Cow! What a year!

The Family Of Women has been the best kept secret!  Now we share that “secret” with you.

A lifeline of women

The Family Of Women has helped us cope by being connected.  We’ve been able to acknowledge what a difficult year it has been.  We didn’t have to do this year alone.  We have a lifeline of women who remind us how to focus on what we have to be grateful for.  Being together has helped us get through everything – that is one of our successes. 

We really listen to each other and know we will be heard.  And, we also learn to speak with respect. We trust each other to share vulnerable emotions.  Trust and connection elevates our spirits.  We can be sad, angry, lonely or joyful together and share our feelings productively.  We can claim who we are born to be. 


We practice relationship skills here in the FOW and use them in our lives. These skills have truly helped us to be resilient.  Together we learn how to reframe our experiences and practice other ways of acting and responding.  For example, we may help each other see a bigger picture while finding joy in the little moments of our lives. 

We create the space for women to hold each other and love each other.  With Zoom technology we can see and truly be with each other in an authentic way during the COVID-19 pandemic. We get a sincere chance to observe ourselves and accept ourselves. 

What sustains us in this time of uncertainty?  We learn how to create relationships based on trust.  We have the intention to trust; it is a guide for us. 

Check out our Core Values of Relationship and Trust

Our Purpose/Mission Statement of the FOW and our culture is to empower women.  Our belief is that women are the heart of the family.  This is why we are the Family Of Women.  We are reminded to bring our best everywhere.  We share with women we can trust so we don’t feel all alone.  Verbalizing clears the space for us to get to our heart. 

And. . .we don’t have to do it alone

We practice the skills needed in supporting each other to remember that “we don’t have to do it alone.”  Each of us has special skills, and when we bring them all together we create excellence in our lives.  As an example, we write these blogs together as 5 women each bringing her wisdom, strengths, experiences, intuition, and heart.  The result of what we create together is what you read here.  We’ve learned to cooperate, not compete, allowing each woman’s genius to shine.  This way of being raises us to a higher place together and individually.

This holiday season we feel gratitude and joy.  We embrace each other and have hope for the future.  Does this interest you? 

We invite you to come along and experience your own genius and realize your best self.  

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