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COVID19 Being In Service – Together While Apart

How is it possible to serve your community via Zoom? Take a look to see how these members and guests of the Family of Women, Southwest Chapter, Day Program in Orange County, California each intentionally prepared a project to serve a specific beneficiary.

Sharilyn artistically decorated posters for a Costa Mesa senior community to thank those who care for the elderly and to encourage the residents. Janis baked yummy goodies by the loads for residents and staff at Wise Place, a women’s shelter in Santa Ana. Laura customized cards for elderly living in a senior community in Irvine.

Connie compassionately designed posters for first responders in Whittier thanking them for their heroic efforts. Mariann designed a poster for her mailpersons, applauding them for faithfully continuing to deliver mail. Karin assembled face masks for family, friends and others in protective need.

Pam made progress crocheting a baby blanket that will be sent to a mission in Honduras. Caren expertly molded homemade candles and Swedish Bitters for yoga instructors in Los Angeles serving the elderly online. Alice wrote notes to her local merchants in Huntington Beach thanking them for continuing to provide essential products and services during the pandemic.

It’s magical fun to give back together, and as always, we receive so much when we give.

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