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Easy Ways to Spread Happiness in Your Community

It’s easy to spread happiness to others when we hold the attitude of gratitude. And the extra benefit of being generous with others is that it raises our own self-esteem!

“Happiness” is the theme for our Family of Women weekly meetings with members living in Orange County and Los Angeles CA, and Kent WA. See what we each created while together on Zoom to spread Happiness to others in our communities!

1 & 9 – Patti P & Deanna both wrote heartfelt thank you notes to essential front line workers including their local firemen, police, doctors, hospital medical staff, and even owner-operated coffee houses, acknowledging each with deep appreciation!

2 – Lila made a huge colorful tie-dye fabric fleece blanket for StandUp for Kids, a local teen-youth shelter. Lila hopes that a teen will feel her warmth and love when they wrap themselves up like a big hug!

3 – Patti D delivered over 30 wall calendars to her local Atria Senior Center Care Facility and wrote personal handwritten notes building Thanksgiving community camaraderie.

4 – Rebecca made cards with personal messages to several Family of Women past-members that she misses to invite them to come back and visit, and be a part of this empowered circle of women again.

5 – Sharilyn lovingly crocheted scarves with soft, thick yarn for the homeless, gifting them like hugs as the weather gets colder. Sharilyn keeps care-bags in her car filled with these scarves, socks, soap, water, and snacks, and hands them out to those in need from her car window.

6 – Goli handwrote and anonymously sent postcards to each of her neighbors with the intention to spread some lovin’ and sincere appreciation for each family doing their part to keep their neighborhood nice and safe.

7 – Janis braided handsome friendship bracelets, and her 13 year old daughter Elle handmade holiday cards for the Children at St. Jude’s Hospital. Janis and Elle want these kids to know that they have friends they don’t even know who are rooting for them and sending them love and strength!

8 – Karin handmade greeting cards for the residents in a neighborhood convalescent home to give these elderly encouragement and let them know, “you are not alone and someone cares about you”.

Sigh…so much Happiness!

~ Lila G., California

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