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FOW is my place…

I call the Family of Women “my place”.

It’s been my place to share the good, the bad and the ugly of me. I’ve given my pain to women who listen with compassion and accept me without judgment because very often they have been there. This has allowed me to heal.

As I’ve healed, I have become more open and willing:  open to hearing the truth, open to being held accountable and open to new possibilities. I’ve been willing to act on those possibilities and to gather my courage and take risks. I have become willing to do the things I most do NOT want to do.

Through this I have learned to trust myself like never before, to become an empowered, more confident me! I reach for impossible stars and touch them. I share my wisdom now – to all women starting their journey. This photo was taken during a time I started to dream and dare to toot my own horn.

– Submitted by Kim M.

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