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Garment Exchange Community Event Success

How grateful are we to have received the generous sharing of Family of Women funds to support our connection with the community.

On April 2nd our beautiful program, the Monday Morning Glories, held a garment exchange! Out with the old and in with the new, we switched our wardrobes up together. We giggled, danced, played, and held space, while taking a deeper dive into what we were all invested in, by being a part of this community event.

Not only is decluttering imperative to a clean mind and sound inner space (self-care) but we also donated our many bags of remaining clothes to ATIRA Woman’s Resource Society (a local non profit organization centered around helping less fortunate women in our community). Having direct knowledge of where our remaining clothing was going and who they were going to helped us to feel the importance and impact within the purpose of community events put on in the FOW.

We invited our friends, family, children, and neighbors and started off with a Virtue Card pull and share. We reflected on our impact as individual women, all a part of this passionate community. Harvesting the power of our unique souls, our community events inspire us to make a greater impact in everyday life all together.
In Gratitude…Monday Morning Glories (British Columbia, Canada)

The Family of Women’s Core Value of Service is “We embrace our responsibility to humanity through being of service to our members, communities, and society at large. Our acts of service strengthen our communities allowing each of us to realize our purpose in the world.”

See our other Core Values here.

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