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Ready to match your passions, interests, and skills to one of our open volunteer positions?  Here’s what’s available!

Content Team

WANTED – A few great women for the Content Team! Must be a member of the Family of Women.

Are you creative, heartfelt, and flexible? Do you care about clarity, attention to detail, and context? The Content Team needs you!! Our cup overflows! We need help to get agendas and workshops ready for release to our members and women everywhere! We want women who love the FOW and are excited to share their skills.

Open Positions:
1. Transform FOW agendas, workshops and trainings into online, web-based videos. Collaborate with Media Outreach and the Event Team.
2. Review, proofread, and update agendas. Be in communication with the creators of agendas, workshops and trainings.

The ideal women sent their egotism to Siberia long ago. Check out our Content Team Vision, and see if this is the place for you. Contact us by email at or by clicking on the Apply Now button.


Content Team Vision: We are the trusted guardians of the content that embodies the love, care, and spirit of the Family of Women. It is our precious responsibility to provide content that is heartfelt, accessible, well-written, reader-friendly, and relevant to women everywhere. In the presence of the women who deliver the content and the women who receive it, miracles happen.

Enrollment Team

WANTED – A few great women for the Enrollment Team! Must be a member of the Family of Women.

Here is a little about us….We are excited, engaged and eager to grow our team and the organization! The Enrollment Babes prioritize our relationships with our families and with the women in our lives and take the lessons we learn with one another and use them everywhere. Being on the Enrollment Team fills our cups and in turn allows us to fill others cups! We are super duper fun, we love to laugh and support one another’s successes, we listen and learn from one another and we are doing this life thing as a team! If this sounds like something that interests you, come and join us!

Here’s a little about what we do:

1. We create videos that are distributed to our weekly meetings to help grow the Family of Women.
2. We hold monthly Enrollment Zoom Meetings called, “Let’s Talk,” where we talk about subjects pertaining to our lives.
3. We work with the different Operations Teams to best support the growth of this organization and we help women find the right meetings that fit in their lives!

The right woman for this job is one that is open, willing to help us grow, ready to learn alongside other women, willing to teach her strengths, wants to have fun and wants to see other women get the gifts we receive from the Family of Women!

The Enrollment Team leads with vulnerability, commitment, clarity and an abundance of love. We inspire women to work together and have fun, organically growing the Family of Women. We celebrate enrollment and give the gift of invitation to all women in our lives. We lead women to live the lives of their dreams, receive the gifts we have here, and give them away.

If you are interested in chatting with us please reach out to us by email at or by clicking on the Apply Now button.

Events Administration Team

The Events Administration Team elevates events in the Family of Women to professional branded experiences that impact women, families and communities. Our work provides the underpinning structure from concept creation to well-run production reflecting our Mission, Core Values and Standards.

Looking for women who have the desire to spread the FOW mission statement into the world and ensure that participants have the best experience possible.

Seeking team members who have skills in:

  • Producing Events
  • Team building
  • Organization

Oh, and she should have a sense of humor and not take herself so seriously!

Our intention is to grow our team and once it is complete we would love for our team members to step up for one of these roles.  If you have some of these skills we will support you to learn what you still need to master. If you are interested in chatting with us please reach out to us by email at or by clicking on the Apply Now button.

  • Public Relations (PR) – The woman in this role is in relationship with the Media Team, Enrollment Team, and Chapter Leaders.  She helps to build out the communication around events to the membership.

  • Zoom Host Specialty Team Leader – The woman in this role manages the volunteers on the Zoom Host Specialty Team.

  • Event Influencer – The woman in this role finds the opportunities to showcase our events.  For example, posting to social media and sharing engagement exercises.

  • Presenter Team Coordinator – The woman in this role works with the amazing women that lead our marquee event series.  She schedules which women will lead which events and enrolls women to join the Presenter team.

  • Participant Coordinator – The woman in this role manages all the communication with the participants before and after the events.  She is integral to the ongoing relationship that we build with our participants.

Media & Marketing Team

Do you love what the Family of Women offers women?  Want to help us make our organization more visible in the world?  Come join our team!

The Media & Marketing Team is the overall team responsible for Social Media, Family of Women website, Communications, and Marketing for the Family of Women.

Our vision:

We bring the Family of Women to the world so that the women of the world can find us, join us, and love us.  By being genuine and relatable in our communications, we create an enticing and inviting energy that women find irresistible.

We are looking for women who want to volunteer in various areas.  Training is provided.  See what appeals to you and come join us! If you are interested in learning more, send us an email at or click on the Apply Now button.

Website Administration

Looking for women who want to impact women within our organization AND women who are just finding us!  Assist with ensuring events and posts are published on the website, upload membership documents to our website file system, update pages and images as needed.  Training provided.

Organizational Communications

Creates and sends approved emails to membership.  Updates and maintains membership email list (currently on Google Groups).  Solicits, creates, and/or proofreads articles and other posts for the Family of Women website.  Assists in coordination and assignment of Zoom licenses for organization.


Creates marketing content for internal and external purposes, ensuring that all marketing material is branded for consistency. Ensures chapters have standard marketing material templates available for their use (brochure, business card, etc.). Creates and implements marketing strategies in alignment with Board-approved marketing goals. Networks with other organizations to increase the Family of Women’s visibility in the world.

Looking for women who have skills/interest in any of the following:

  • creating inspiring marketing material
  • adapting messages for a specific target audience
  • reviewing analytics and tweaking strategies in response
  • using MailChimp for marketing emails

Social Media

The Social Media team creates and posts approved content for various social media sites. Collaborates with Communications and Marketing Teams to ensure consistent message delivery. Looking for women with skills in and/or willingness to learn about:

  • posting FOW material in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MeetUp, Nextdoor and other social media sites
  • using Canva to create posts
  • placing ads/posts/creative content in Facebook and analyzing results
  • producing short videos/reels/stories

Chapter Leaders

Each Chapter has a Chapter Leader, who must be a member of the Family of Women, has completed Leadership Training, currently participates in weekly meetings, and has completed a minimum of two weekly meeting cycles.

The Chapter Leader guides the women in her Chapter to promote the Family of Women and all its work so members, potential event participants, and the surrounding community learn about the organization’s content offerings, mission, core values and contributions to making a difference in the world. The Chapter Leader guides her Chapter to fulfill the responsibilities of a Chapter, as outlined in the Chapter Policy.

These responsibilities include to:

  • Serve on the Chapter Leader Team (one of the Family of Women Operation Teams).
  • Promote the Family of Women.
  • Offer agenda series and events.
  • Train leaders.
  • Develop projects and events designed to empower, mentor and train its members.
  • Create and participate in creating, producing, and executing opportunities to deliver content as a means of attracting members and event participants.
  • Work collaboratively to create a calendar which includes important events.
  • Inspire, enroll, and mentor its leaders, and create training opportunities for them.
  • Create and maintain successful relationships with men’s organizations aligned with our FOW purpose.
  • Receive mentorship, guidance, support and “big picture” “looking ahead.”
  • Adhere to Financial, Board, and FOW policies, procedures, and priorities.

Contact your Chapter Leader if you are interested!