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Here are just a few reasons to join the Family of Women…

Community: Membership in the Family of Women brings you an instant community. Our members feel like part of something bigger. Our members make real contributions to the communities in which they live and participate.

Global Sisterhood: We are an international organization. We can find a place for you to join us no matter where you live. We are connected with women all over the world. 

Personal Growth and Development: Membership in the Family of Women continues one’s growth, education and personal development. An important focus is knowing yourself and understanding why you behave the way you do. Self-knowledge is an important key to success in all areas of your life.

Relationship Education: Our weekly meetings with agendas teach you the skills and tools necessary to have fantastic relationships at home, at work and in the world.

Accountability: We help you honor your commitments to what you want in your life. We take a stand for you and teach you how to take a stand for yourself.

Reaching your Goals and Dreams: Learn how to make effective goals and how to work towards achieving your dreams. You will have a group of women to support you in achieving those goals and dreams.

Development of Personal Standards: Learn what works to support you to be your best. Our weekly meetings and training help you to discover what works and what doesn’t and helps you to have the discipline to live in accordance with your own standards.

Making a Positive Contribution to the World: Working together we make a difference in the world – one woman, one family, one community at a time. 

Dues and Benefits of Membership

If you are experiencing problems when registering, please email for assistance.

Membership Dues & Meeting Fee

Membership dues per 6-month cycle
January-June or July-December:
$55 US if joining first 2 months of cycle
$42 US if joining middle 2 months of cycle
$23 US if joining last 2 months of cycle

The majority of members also participate in weekly meetings, which run on 6-month cycles as indicated below.

Meeting fee for weekly meetings per 6-month cycle
January-June or July-December:
$55 US if joining first 2 months of cycle
$42 US if joining middle 2 months of cycle

$23 US if joining last 2 months of cycle

Details of rights and benefits of membership are described below.

Membership Rights and Benefits

A woman may become a Member of the Family of Women by registering and paying the required dues. 

Weekly Meetings

Once she has become a Member, a woman is eligible to join a variety of weekly meeting groups, which focus on specific topics for 6-month cycles.  The 6-month cycles start in January and July of each year.  (A woman may join at any point during the 6-month period.) 

A woman may join a meeting that meets during the day or in the evening:

  •         Face-to-Face Meetings
  •         Phone/Zoom meetings
  •         Specialized Agenda Series Meetings*

 There is an additional fee to participate in weekly meetings.

In order for a new woman to get the most out of her experience in meetings, her Meeting Leader will ensure she gets an introduction to the Family of Women as soon as possible after she joins. This could include either or both of the following:

  • Completing the first agenda of the cycle
  • Participating in Essentials Training  

Additional Benefits of Membership

Once she has become a Member, she is eligible for all the rights of membership, including:

  • To participate in Family of Women’s Essentials Training offered to all members at no charge
  • To participate in Leadership Training and other Specialized Agenda Series meetings*
  • To hold leadership positions*
  • To receive Member discounts for Family of Women trainings, workshops & events
  • To receive all general announcements and other material distributed by Family of Women, including the roster of her Chapter
  • To vote in all elections
  • To examine corporate records
  • To apply for candidacy for Board of Directors of the Family of Women*


*Involves eligibility restrictions and an application process

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