Get Involved:  Volunteer!


Ready to match your passions, interests, and skills to one of our open volunteer positions?  Here’s what’s available!

Content Team

WANTED – A few great women for the Content Team! Must be a member of the Family of Women.

Are you creative, heartfelt, and flexible? Do you care about clarity, attention to detail, and context? The Content Team needs you!! Our cup overflows! We need help to get agendas and workshops ready for release to our members and women everywhere! We want women who love the FOW and are excited to share their skills.

Open Positions:
1. Transform FOW agendas, workshops and trainings into online, web-based videos. Collaborate with Media Outreach and the Event Team.
2. Review, proofread, and update agendas. Be in communication with the creators of agendas, workshops and trainings.

The ideal women sent their egotism to Siberia long ago. Check out our Content Team Vision, and see if this is the place for you. Contact us via email at the link below.


Content Team Vision: We are the trusted guardians of the content that embodies the love, care, and spirit of the Family of Women. It is our precious responsibility to provide content that is heartfelt, accessible, well-written, reader-friendly, and relevant to women everywhere. In the presence of the women who deliver the content and the women who receive it, miracles happen.

If you would like to volunteer for this team, please contact your Chapter Leader.

Events Administration Team Opportunities

Production Development Manager

The Production Program Developer is an integral part of the overall Events Administration Team. She will head up the team to develop and implement a training program for production teams throughout the organization. We hold that serving on Production is an opportunity to practice leadership, holding standards, detail focus, follow through and perseverance. This position is guided by our Vision which serves to create the framework within which our events occur.  Must be a member of the Family of Women.

The Events Administration Team elevates events in the Family of Woman to professional branded experiences that impact women, families and communities. Our work provides the underpinning structure from concept creation to well-run production reflecting our Mission, Core Value and Standards. We answer the question, “How do I….”

Looking for women who have skills in:

  • Production Team Management (including team formation, team coaching, development & timelines)
  • Serving on Production teams
  • Team building
  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Oh, and she should have a sense of humor and not take herself so seriously!
I’d like to volunteer for the Events Administration Team

Media Team

The Media Team is the overall team responsible for Social Media, Communications, and Marketing for the Family of Women.  We are looking for women who want to volunteer in the areas of Social Media and in Communication.

Social Media

The Social Media team creates and posts approved content for various social media sites. Collaborates with Communications and Marketing Teams to ensure consistent message delivery. Looking for women with

● skills in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MeetUp, Nextdoor and other social media sites
● PowerPoint skills
● skills in Facebook ad placement and analytics
● experience/skills in producing videos and/or webinars



The Communications Team creates and sends approved emails to membership, as well as to women outside our organization who have requested to be on various email lists. This team solicits and creates articles for the FOW website and may, from time to time, serve as backup website administrators. Collaborates with Social Media and Marketing Teams to ensure consistent message delivery.  Assists in coordinating Zoom line usage.

Looking for women who have experience
● using MailChimp
● writing/editing/proofreading newsletters or short articles
● blogging
● working with Excel and .csv files
● scheduling Zoom lines and producing webinars

I’d like to volunteer for the Media and Marketing Team

Media Team

The Media Team is the overall team responsible for Social Media, Communications, and Marketing for the Family of Women.  Our team is looking for women who want to volunteer in Marketing for the Family of Women.  Must be a member of the Family of Women OR have outside Marketing experience and be willing to volunteer your time in guiding our marketing efforts.


The Marketing Team creates marketing content for internal and external purposes, ensuring that all marketing material is branded for consistency. Ensures chapters have standard marketing material templates available for their use (brochure, business card, etc.). Creates and implements marketing strategies in alignment with Board-approved marketing goals. Networks with other organizations to increase the Family of Women’s visibility in the world. Collaborates with Social Media and Communications Teams to ensure consistent message delivery.

Looking for women who have skills in
● creating inspiring marketing material
● adapting messages for a specific target audience
● reviewing analytics and tweaking strategies in response

I’d like to volunteer for the Media and Marketing Team

Chapter Leaders

Each Chapter has a Chapter Leader, who must be a member of the Family of Women, have completed the Women’s Discovery Weekend and Leadership Training, currently participate in weekly meetings, and have completed a minimum of two weekly meeting cycles.

The Chapter Leader guides the women in her Chapter to promote the Family of Women and all its work so members, potential event participants, and the surrounding community learn about the organization’s content offerings, mission, core values and contributions to making a difference in the world. The Chapter Leader guides her Chapter to fulfill the responsibilities of a Chapter, as outlined in the Chapter Policy.

These responsibilities include to:

  • Promote the Family of Women.
  • Offer agenda series and events.
  • Train leaders.
  • Develop projects and events designed to empower, mentor and train its members.
  • Create and participate in creating, producing, and executing opportunities to deliver content as a means of attracting members and event participants.
  • Work collaboratively to create a calendar which includes important events.
  • Inspire, enroll, and mentor its leaders, and create training opportunities for them.
  • Create and maintain successful relationships with men’s organizations aligned with our FOW purpose.
  • Receive mentorship, guidance, support and “big picture” “looking ahead.”
  • Adhere to Financial, Board, and FOW policies, procedures, and priorities.

Contact your Chapter Leader if you are interested!