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I Asked Myself…Why? and How?

I joined the Family of Women in June 2000, that’s twenty years ago.

Today, I have confidence and I am a leader.

It has been invaluable for me to understand the meaning of confidentiality and to respect confidentiality.

Family of Women is a safe place for me to be vulnerable and share my feelings.  I receive acceptance and comfort in the loving hearts and arms of these women.

I trust the women in my Program, and have revealed frustration, sadness, and deep pain related to my 37 year marriage.  It is in Program that I often discover solutions for difficult situations by taking responsibility for my relationships.

My closest friends are women who are in the Family of Women or women who have been in the Family of Women.  Others have enlightened me, and I have enlightened others.

Today, I am proud of who I am as a wife, woman, and human being.

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