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It Takes a Village

When a friend encouraged me to join the Family of Women several years ago, I really resisted. I was at a low point in my life.  The thought of adding “one more thing” to my already overwhelming situation just seemed too much and I felt that I didn’t have much “positive energy” to share with any other women at that time.  A single parent, I was going through extremely difficult times with my teenager daughter and couldn’t imagine how spending time on “personal development” could help with that very dangerous and distressing situation.  I could not have been more wrong.  The other women in FOW became a lifeline for me, helped me discover my inner strength, wisdom, and power. Ultimately my daughter and I overcome the adversity we were facing, and I began to live a life I love, a life I embrace every single morning with joy.  Oh, and that daughter, well, she is just an amazing, confident and highly intelligent junior in college now on her way to vet school in a couple of years.

Was it magic? Nope. It was work. Internal work for me, learning new skills for relationships and self-acceptance, forgiveness and vulnerability and so much more. I had been to counselors alone and with my daughter, but nothing helped me take the hard look inside and make the incredible changes and drive the necessary personal growth that Family of Women did.  I have been a member for several years and now have a chance to give back and support other women in their journey.

Come join us. Take a chance on yourself. You’ve got a whole joyful, purposeful, powerful and passionate life in front of you and the sooner you start the journey, the more beautiful it will be.

-Submitted by Leslie S.

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