Leadership Rosters

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors group email

Linda Seale, Board Chair
Laureen Hone, Board Secretary
Sheryl Hammer
Joy Hartwell
Barbara Heir
Liz Mitchell

Board Committees

Finance and Legal Team group email

Karin Murphy, Controller
Jerine Llamas
Kim Seiferling


The operational portion of leadership in the Family of Women consists of the Chapter Leader team and the teams who serve as resource and support to the Chapter Leaders and our organization.

Sue Barber, Chief Operations Officer
The Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Family of Women brings together the operational aspects of the Family of Women, ensuring collaborative working relationships and successfully bringing the Family of Women and its Mission into the world. The COO is accountable to the Board. She oversees the Teams/Team Leads and Chapters, who are accountable to her.

Chapter Leader Team

Chapter Leaders group email

The Chapter Leader Team is composed of the Family of Women Chapter Leaders, who are elected by their chapter members. This team represents the chapters and their members by collaborating with the Content, Event Administration, Enrollment, and Media Operations Teams and the Finance Team on their activities that promote the Family of Women and support the chapters in their participation in those activities. 

Sue King, Destiny’s Journey Chapter Leader (New England)
Rhonda Randall, Gratitude Chapter Leader (Northern California)
Sherilyn Nicargi, Southwest Chapter Leader (Southern California)
Alicia Humphrey, Long Stemmed Roses Chapter Leader (phone/zoom programs in pacific/mountain time zones)
Jackie Pavlovic, LightKeepers Chapter Leader (phone/zoom programs in eastern/central time zones)

Resource and Support Teams

The following teams serve as resource and support teams for the Chapter Leaders in moving our organization forward.

Events Administration Team group email

Focuses on production of all major events and is a resource for Chapters in local event production.

Randy Davis, Lead
Janet Caster
Kim Irwin

Media Team group email

The Media team is comprised of social media, website administration,  communications, and marketing.  This team administers the website, facilitates delivery of membership-wide communication via email and website, develops and implements a marketing campaign for the Family of Women, and promotes the organization on social media platforms and via email marketing strategies.

Sarah Blumenstock, Media Team Co-Lead/Website Administrator
Susan Hagemeyer, Media Team Co-Lead/Website Administrator
Lorna Harvey
Deanne Matley, Social Media Lead
Clair Foster, Facebook Community Administrator

Enrollment Team group email

The Enrollment Team promotes enrollment as a way of life.  This team works directly with all Chapters to optimize opportunities to authentically share the Family of Women with others.

Whitney Webb, Lead
Darl Sitka
Erica Hoffman

Content Team group email

Collects, reviews, proofreads and updates agendas for weekly meetings,  workshops, and trainings.  Transforms FOW agendas, workshops, and trainings into online, web-based materials.  

Mary Ann Parrish, Content Team Lead
Jerine Llamas
Lucinda Page
Clair Foster