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Leave Sparkles Behind

In the Family of Women, we have an acknowledgement ritual. At the end of each 6-month cycle, we reflect on ourselves and each other on the lessons learned, challenges overcome, and the progress made.

The key to the ritual is that your only job is to receive it. You say thank you and you take it in without deflecting or acknowledging her right back. Without fail, I have seen women go from squirming in their seats from embarrassment to, “don’t you dare skip the acknowledgements in our completion.” We thrive on positive feedback and it is incredible what women reflect back to us that we don’t see for ourselves.

One year, my buddy said that I leave sparkles wherever I go, and I return to that image all the time. Leaving a trail of sparkles for women to find is who I want to be in the world. She couldn’t give me my acknowledgement in person, so she wrote me this love letter and I am sharing it with all of you. I hope you see what is possible for yourself and what the Mission of the Family of Women can look like in real life. Above all else, I want you to see the gift of having women who have your back.

Sister Goddess M,

I am going to try but words can’t put enough value on the impact you have on me. At the end of last cycle, I was seriously considering leaving FOW. I just didn’t seem to feel connected to anyone living the life I was at this time. Then you reached out to me at the chapter meeting and just like magic, we connected. Better yet, you were moving to my Tuesday night call! You were my calling to stay in and stay connected.

I just don’t know where I would be without you. You are the perfect mentor, mama, model, and friend at the perfect time! You help normalize my life on a daily basis and make me feel like I am human and not alone. You lift me, hold me tight, and kick me in the ass.

I am in awe of how much you have transformed and grew this cycle. You are owning your power as a woman, mother, wife and totally rocking it! Powerful looks amazing on you!! If you think back to the email you sent me with all your stories and excuses for not being intimate with your husband, you wouldn’t even recognize yourself now. Your dedication to Mama Gena, FOW, and your marriage are admirable and commendable! You have blossomed out of the concrete and are celebrating your sexy power!!

I also want to mention your incredible legacy you leave to your little girls. You demonstrate a strong confident woman who goes after her goals and establishing a happy healthy marriage. You are training your girls to be advocates, leaders, and visionaries in their worlds. You are making the world better!

I am so blessed to know you and know you deeply. It’s an honor to be alongside you on this life journey. Thank you for trusting me, sharing with me, and being who you are! Appreciate and love you!

All my heart,
Sister Goddess H

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