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Our Service is Love in Action


Our weekly meeting group is a virtual group (meetings held over Zoom platform), and our members live in various cities in Canada and the United States.  Although we meet virtually, we all participated in community service projects.

We each chose what we wanted to do to support our local communities.  We are so proud of how each of us showed up and were of service!

Some of us supported our local Food Banks by volunteering.  Others of us wrote thank you cards to our local first responders and local frontline health care providers for their caring of the community during this pandemic.  One of our members donated blood.  One woman helped with a Santa’s Helper project at her local school so that underprivileged children would have gifts for Christmas.  One woman volunteered with a local evacuation center which provided food, transportation, and shelter to people affected by a recent flood.

Although we did not work together in person, we did work together to support each other to be successful in our service projects and in our lives.  And that is what makes us a sisterhood.

~ Marcia S., British Columbia


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