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Mother’s Day: What It Means to Me Keeps Shifting

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My very first Mother’s Day is a great story. It also happens to be a giant flashing billboard for how everything I have learned in the Family of Women allowed me to not kill my husband. It starts with him forgetting Mother’s Day and ends with a beautiful family tradition. But I didn’t want to write it.

I have 3 kids now and each year I am limping into May, no longer wanting the queen-for-a-day fanfare I rightly deserve, and just wanting to spend a day in a sensory deprivation tank, hoping the recharge gets me through summer. (It wouldn’t)

I even wrote an entire draft about how this year my mom friends and I are reclaiming the day for us and spending it with each other in some wine moms meet bad moms mash up because that’s what self-care looks like these days.

And then last week I got a call from a parent from my 2-year old’s daycare saying she was informed by a staff member about systematic negligence and unsafe conditions at the centre. The stories are ugly and heartbreaking, and more is being revealed each day. Since that call my focus has zeroed in on one thing: by any means necessary, keep these children safe.

“True feminine power moves us from fear and anger to a place of integrity and love in our relationships.” ~ a wise FOW writer.

The past 10 days have also been a giant billboard for all the tools I have learned here. Organizing and leading a group of parents, holding a vision and a very strong context, power with, don’t make it up, tell the truth, be supportable, and most especially, having an inner stance.

An inner stance does not apologize or seek permission. It is unconditional. We will protect these children. We are mobilized, we are coordinated, and we are finding solutions.

Before, these moms felt confused, hurt, and alone. Now they feel supported and have a clear direction for their anger. I have taken that mama bear rage and synthesized it with precision and focus and have created a cohesive group of parents ready to go to bat for these children. I feel weird and somewhat uncomfortable highlighting my part in this, but I own all of it.

I am leading these women because I have led here.

I am empowering these parents because I am empowered here.

I am organizing community service because I have learned the value of community and service here.

Prior to all of this, Mother’s Day was all about how tired I felt and how I had to take time for myself because it wasn’t going to be given to me. I was focusing on the small stuff.

Now that May is here, I know what this Mother’s Day means to me. 2024 is the year of the Mama Bear, and she is leading from her feminine power.

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