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My Journey in the Family of Women

Life is a journey

Hi, I’m Robin and I would like to share with you a little about my journey of being in the Family of Women and the relationships and transformation I have had during my 15 years of personal growth.
I am an introvert and before I became involved in the Family of Women I kept to myself, I didn’t have much to say because I believed that I didn’t have anything worth sharing. I was the quiet child in a family of eight. My siblings were all loud, boisterous and outgoing. I was not. I officially joined the Family of Women in 2008 after doing a transformational weekend. I have never looked back. Coming from a place of not having a voice or self esteem to being a woman who lives in high self esteem and sometimes doesn’t know when to stop talking. 😂
The biggest transformation is my relationship with my family. I have had many positive comments from my siblings on how being in the Family of Women has made such a difference in my life. They have seen how I have more confidence, self-assurance and participate more in the conversations we have. The dynamics of my relationships with them have changed and become deeper and more loving.
Thanks to the Family of Women for teaching me and sharing with me the many tips and tools (e.g., the value of CPR, etc), I have learned to have loving powerful relationships in my life.

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