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Program Possibilities and Flexibility!

In preparing for a new cycle and looking at programming, we want to make sure you are all aware of the flexibility and possibilities that the Family of Women already has in place. This post is to help you better understand these exciting possibilities!

If you are not in a program and need assistance in finding a program group near you, fill out this request.

We want the Family of Women to be a place for all women. Each program is invited to have its own unique flavor and can choose how to reflect this uniqueness.

Programs decide on what their requirements will be this upcoming cycle
How often you meet
How long each meeting is
Attendance requirements for participation

Programs can choose their focus for the cycle. The Family of Women requires that whatever we do reflects our Mission Statement, Core Values and Standards.
You can choose a topic of agendas from the website
You can choose a topic(s) you want to explore*
You can choose to create agendas (one or many) *
You can choose to commit to a higher purpose project that puts us out in the community*

* You need approval from your chapter or area leader.

Talk to your program women. Talk to women who used to be or who would like to be in the Family of Women. Keep in mind the part of the Family of Women Mission Statement that says “ignite their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.” Discuss these possibilities and create an exciting option for next cycle!


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