JULY 2024

You must be a current member in good standing to purchase any of these offerings.

Weekly Meeting Series 6 months – $90 USD

Members are eligible to purchase a weekly meeting series. A weekly meeting is managed by the chapter you chose when you registered as a member. If you did not choose a chapter you will be contacted.

A weekly meeting series is 6 months (one cycle) and begins in January or July. Each weekly meeting generally has an agenda theme that is decided by the weekly meeting group leader. Agendas are written by the Family of Women.

Weekly Meeting Series 12 months – $160 USD

Members can purchase 12 months of weekly meetings at a discounted price ($20 savings). This series begins in July, 2024 and concludes in June, 2025.

Weekly Meeting Series Supplement 6 months – $70 USD

If a member purchases a weekly meeting series and would like to attend an additional weekly meeting series in a 6-month (one cycle) time frame, it may be purchased as a supplement.

Leadership Training 6 month – $150 USD

A weekly meeting series that requires an application and a special link to purchase. This training is designed for women to gain an understanding of how to lead in the Family of Women and in their lives.

If you are experiencing problems when purchasing, please email for assistance.