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Unexpected “learnings” bring value to your life.

I can’t believe that I have been in the FOW for 20 years. Phew. I have learned a lot about relationships and had unexpected learnings too. My career was in science, so when I volunteered to help create/write a newsletter for the FOW, I started as a novice. I learned a lot and was in partnership with another woman. We had fun together while creating something of value for our community. Later I volunteered again for another FOW newsletter after our reorganization. I felt I was getting good at this. In my retired life, I became President of a statewide not-for-profit. In order to get our message out, I created a newsletter for that organization, WITH Board approval, of course. The newsletter is over 6 years old, with 4 issues each year: I am the editor and writer. This newsletter is read by hundreds of readers AND NJ’s State Legislators. It has made a difference. I am amazed at our influence. I would never have thought to do this if not for what I learned, via volunteering, in the FOW. Be open to new experiences and take a risk!

-Submitted by Ellen V.

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