We lead, inspire and mentor women to embrace their power, purpose and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships.  We empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

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The Women's Discovery Weekend is 48 hours that will profoundly change how you see yourself, your relationships, and your place in the world.

You have had moments of insight into your inner, self-actualized, confident essence and known that if you could be that person every day, nothing in the world would stop you. During the Women's Discovery Weekend you can connect with that authentic self and experience the power of releasing the barriers that hold you back.

What can I achieve in 48 hours?

  • Let go of barriers that stop you from being all you can be. 
  • Embrace who you are; gain self acceptance, confidence, and a deep connection with other women. 
  • Be empowered to create warm, vulnerable, and trusting relationships. 
  • Get a new understanding and appreciation of men. 
  • Leave the Weekend filled with hope, and joy - ready to take your place in the world as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, leaders, and peacemakers.

In 48 hours, you can be the woman you know you really are and get what you say you've always wanted. To find out more send email to contact@familyofwomen.org - or contact the direct representative of the weekend you would like to participate in.

Upcoming Weekend

No events are currently scheduled. Please check back for updates!


Purpose of the Women's Discovery Weekend

"To celebrate yourself so that you have the life you love and are empowered to take your place in the global sisterhood and in the world."

Promises of the Women's Discovery Weekend

  • To know the importance of self-acceptance
  • To embrace the value of having women supporting and mentoring you in your life
  • To acknowledge how your past has impacted both your present and your future
  • To be aware of the influence role models have played in your life
  • To understand, own, and celebrate your power as a woman
  • To learn and appreciate the differences between men and women
  • To learn tools to be successful in your relationships
  • To understand the importance of having Gratitude and being Generous in your life
  • To claim responsibility for the success of your life

Women's Discovery Weekend Details

  • Each Weekend may have up to 50 participants.
  • Tuition for the Women's Discovery Weekend is $425, with discounts for early registration.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to confirm your registration.
  • The weekend begins on Friday evening and ends Sunday late afternoon.


Next Women's Discovery Weekend

No events are currently scheduled. Please check back for updates!