What We Offer


Women inspire, support and empower each other and learn together, in person or via a Zoom platform. Our meetings offer women an opportunity to be with a group of women over a period of time, as we deepen our relationships and take a stand for each other’s successes.

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The Family of Women offers a variety of training opportunities for women, from short workshops to full weekend events. All trainings are designed to give women information and tools so that they bring their best selves to their relationships and to everything they do in the world.

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Together, we are a community of women, coming from many different communities. And we give back to the community!

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Want to put your learning on the fast track? Get a mentor! Want to share your knowledge or expertise with another woman? Be a mentor!

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Women’s Discovery Weekend

The Women’s Discovery Weekend offers you the opportunity to connect with your personal power, recognize and release old beliefs and habits that are holding you back, and accept yourself and the value you bring so that you can move forward to be the woman you want to be in the world.

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