What We Offer:


Our Community

We are a community of women who share the desire to live the purpose of the Family of Women:

We lead, inspire, and mentor women to embrace their power, purpose, and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships. We empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

Our Core Value of Relationship:

Everything we do is based on being responsible for the success of our relationships. Being responsible for our actions and communication, we bring our best to all of our relationships and create a legacy for all women to follow.

Our community is about creating a legacy for women to follow. We challenge each other to learn and grow. We support each other through tough times. We celebrate each other’s successes.

I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.
Gloria Vanderbilt

Community Service

The Family of Women has a strong tradition of making a difference in the world. This is one of the key principles of our Mission and one of our Core Values.

Our Core Value of Service:

We embrace our responsibility to humanity through being of service to our members, communities, and society at large. Our acts of service strengthen our communities, allowing each of us to realize our purpose in the world.

Chapters may plan specific service events or have a Special Agenda Series dedicated to Community Service. A day of service activity is often incorporated into our weekly meeting agendas as well so that all members have the opportunity to be of service in some capacity, working together with the women in their weekly meetings.

Many ongoing service activities are led by members of our organization, and these are open to anyone who wishes to join.

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