What We Offer:


Leadership Training

We believe that all women are leaders and that leadership is a constantly evolving art. To support our leaders, we offer training and mentoring in leadership skills, as well as opportunities to lead in a variety of settings.

Leadership Trainings are organized both on a local level and by phone/Zoom platform to ensure that any woman who meets the basic prerequisites can participate in the training. This training is provided in a variety of formats, ranging from an intensive weekend event to a full 6-month program cycle.

Leadership Training participants are assigned mentors who are experienced leaders and who assist and guide the women to apply the skills gained through Leadership Training in their daily lives while the training is still in progress, providing for a true, hands-on leadership experience.

Workshops and Seminars

The Family of Women has a variety workshops and seminars that are offered.

See our Calendar of Events for offerings near you.

Family of Women Essentials

The Family of Women Essentials is an introductory training course for new members. In this training, you will learn tools to help you be successful in your relationships and in your life.