What We Offer:


Meetings Overview

The Family of Women offers meetings in cities across the United States and Canada.  Our meetings are a confidential and supportive place for women to come together, bond, and be themselves as they discover their purpose and power in their community and in the world.

Women meet face-to-face or on Zoom.  Many meetings are weekly, although other, less-frequent alternatives are available in some locations from time to time.  Most of our weekly meetings have specific topic themes that generally run for a 6-month cycle.  Examples of our agenda series can be found at the end of this page.

One of the greatest gifts of participating in a weekly meeting is the opportunity to create a personal goal and to have the support of the other women in helping you achieve that goal. In these weekly meetings,  there are questions, exercises, and other experiential activities facilitated by the leader that are designed to support you in achieving your cycle goal.

Each woman takes responsibility for her full participation. We lead, inspire, mentor, and hold each other accountable, while empowering each other to achieve our dreams. We take complete ownership of the success of our lives, thereby learning how to create a life we love!

The material covered in each agenda series is created by women in the Family of Women. We are non-denominational, non-biased, and create our own material based on our mission statement, core values, and standards.

Come join us to discover more about yourself!

To connect with a group near you, visit our Find a Meeting page.

Specialized Agenda Series

In addition to our regular agenda series, Chapters may elect to offer specialized agendas for their members. Such series in the past have included:

  • Married Women’s Agenda Series
  • Getting Ready Agenda Series – for single women who are contemplating a long-term committed relationship/marriage
  • Leadership Training
  • Community Outreach agendas, which include creating and implementing service projects in our local communities

For many of the specialized agenda series, an application is required to ensure that the content of the series is a good fit for the women who wish to participate, and to ensure that there is sufficient leadership for the number of women who plan to take part. These opportunities are always announced in advance and will be listed in the Calendar of Events, including all relevant application deadlines. 

Descriptions for
Currently Available Agenda Series

These descriptions below are for agenda series that are available to be used in full or in part.  These topics, or ones similar, may be offered at a location near you, either now or in the near future.  To connect with a group near you, visit our Find a Meeting page.

A Woman’s Journey

There is power in knowing you always have a choice.  This cycle we’ll travel together through our personal journeys, the different paths we’ve taken, and the stops we’ve made along the way.   We’ll explore our experiences and successes and rekindle gratitude for those things which have made us who we are today.

We’ll empower each other to use the Family of Women tools to make new choices, leading to new opportunities to achieve our goals, ignite our passions, and make positive contributions in the world!  

“A Woman’s Journey” agendas are intended to provide the opportunity to learn from each other and to improve communication and collaboration among women and in our relationships with others.