What We Offer:

Women’s Discovery Weekend

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Women’s Discovery Weekend Vision:
Women experience the power of letting go of all the barriers that exist within themselves. They are empowered to create warm, vulnerable, and trusting relationships transforming their lives and the lives of others. Women embrace all of who they are and receive acceptance, confidence, and an unprecedented connection with themselves and other women and a full appreciation of and honor for men. Women spring forth filled with understanding, hope, joy, and a lightness of being and take their place in the world as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, leaders, and peacemakers.

Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.
Oprah Winfrey

What to Expect

In order to create your “new story” or tweak your current one, in this Weekend you’ll get:

  • Tools to help you in any relationship (family, friends, coworkers) as well as your relationship with yourself    
  • Tips on standing in your personal power
  • Time to discover or reconnect with your dreams and who you want to be
  • An opportunity to let go of past hurts and begin to heal
  • Connection with other women
  • Collective wisdom from women who have had similar experiences

The Women’s Discovery Weekend runs from a Friday evening to a Sunday evening.  This is a weekend dedicated to you taking the time to be with other women as you step into your place in the global sisterhood and in the world.

Purpose of the
Women’s Discovery Weekend

“To celebrate yourself so that you have the life you love and are empowered to take your place in the global sisterhood and in the world.”

Promises of the Women’s Discovery Weekend

  • To know the importance of self-acceptance
  • To embrace the value of having women supporting you in your life
  • To acknowledge how your past has impacted both your present and your future
  • To be aware of the influence role models have played in your life
  • To understand, own, and celebrate your power as a woman
  • To learn and appreciate the differences between men and women
  • To learn tools to be successful in your relationships
  • To claim responsibility for the success of your life

Women’s Discovery Weekend Details

  • Each Weekend may have up to 50 participants.
  • Tuition for the Women’s Discovery Weekend is $550 USD, with discounts for early registration.  Tuition is for the event only; lodging and meals are not included.
  • The weekend begins on Friday evening at 6 pm and ends Sunday evening by 6 pm.  Attendees must be seated by 6 pm on Friday to participate in the Weekend.