Women’s Discovery Weekend Agreement (Terms and Conditions)

Assumption of Risk
I understand that the Family of Women Discovery Weekend (herein “Event”) can be physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. I understand that the Event trainers and staff are not psychiatric professionals nor licensed professionals of any kind. I have carefully assessed my own physical, emotional, and mental strength and endurance, and I have, after careful deliberation, concluded that I am able to and wish to participate in the Event. I know and appreciate that there are psychological, emotional, and even physical risks involved and I knowingly and voluntarily assume all of those risks.

Release and Waiver
In return for the Family of Women (herein “Corporation”) allowing me to participate in the Event, which I agree is adequate consideration for this agreement, I, the undersigned person, for myself, my heirs, personal representative or assigns, do hereby release, waive and forever discharge and hold harmless the Corporation and its directors, officers, members, volunteers, Event staff, Event trainers, agents, employees and representatives, from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, obligations, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, damages (both physical (bodily, property, etc.) or mental), losses, injuries (both physical (bodily, property, etc.) and mental), claims and
demands of whatsoever character, nature and kind, known or unknown, suspected or
unsuspected, predictable or unpredictable, arising out of or relating directly or indirectly to my participation in the Event. I understand that this waiver includes a waiver of liability and release for acts of negligence. In addition, I agree to indemnify the Corporation and the persons listed above for any claims made against them, on my behalf or otherwise, as a result of any damage to, or loss of, my property or as a result of my injury (both physical and mental) or death resulting from or arising in connection with the Event, other than that which occurs as a result of the gross negligence of the Corporation or that person(s).

Should any claim or dispute arise which is in any manner whatsoever related to the enforcement or interpretation of this Women’s Discovery Weekend Agreement (the “Agreement”) or my registration or attendance at the Event, I agree that my remedies are limited to bringing an action in small claims court or to submitting any such claim or dispute for resolution by arbitration under the Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes of the American Arbitration Association (or any substitute or successor procedures then applicable). Any award rendered in arbitration may be made a judgment by any court of competent jurisdiction.

Cancellations, Late Registrations & Refunds
Cancellations by Corporation: I understand that Corporation reserves the right to cancel the Event and, in the event of cancellation, is not responsible for travel expenses or other ancillary costs incurred by me in connection with the Event. In the event of a cancellation, I will be notified via email or phone and all paid tuition, upon written request from me, will either be refunded in full or retained by Corporation until the next scheduled Event that I am able to attend.

Cancellations by Registrant: I further understand that, should I cancel my registration in the Event, to be entitled to receive a refund of the total amount of refundable tuition paid by me. My cancellation must be made in writing and received by the Corporation on or before the third Friday preceding the date the Event begins. A “Late Cancellation” is defined as a cancellation received after the third Friday preceding the date the Event begins. Due to contractual commitments in connection with site locations for the Event, Corporation cannot issue refunds for a Late Cancellation. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding a Late Cancellation, a transfer of all
or a portion of my tuition payment to a future Event may be available; however, under no circumstances will I be entitled to a refund of any travel expenses or other ancillary expenses incurred by me in connection with the Event.

Late Registrations: I understand that registering and/or making tuition payments after the third Friday preceding the date the Event begins may subject me to additional charges depending on the contractual policies of the site location for the Event. Therefore, all late registrations and payments need prior approval by Corporation’s Controller. Refunds: I agree that once the Event commences, I will under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, leaving the Event, being ejected from the Event or disagreeing with the content or format of the Event, be entitled to a refund or return of any portion of the tuition I have paid or any travel expenses or other ancillary
costs incurred by me in connection with the Event. There will be absolutely no refunds for noshows or for travel delays related to weather.

Leaving the Event & Right to Eject
Leaving the Event: I understand that I have the right, upon notification to the Event staff, to completely end my participation in the Event at any time for any reason or for no reason at all, but that I do not have the right to opt out of participating in specific portions of the Event. I further understand that much of the Event is experiential and participation in all sequential portions of the Event is mandatory. Therefore, I expressly agree that should I choose to opt out of, or for any other reason fail to participate and complete, a portion of the Event, my right to continue to attend the Event will be terminated as of that time and I will be required to leave the Event, subject to the terms of the Cancellations, Late Registrations & Refunds paragraph of this Agreement.

Right to Eject: I further understand that Corporation reserves the right to eject me from the Event if the Event staff considers my conduct to be obnoxious, disorderly, abusive or disturbing, or if the Event staff believes I have failed to comply with any Event rules and regulations communicated to me by the Event staff. Unacceptable behavior on my part or breach of the terms of the Event’s rules and regulations will terminate my right to attend the Event and will subject me to ejection from the Event and to the terms of the Cancellations, Late Registrations & Refunds paragraph of this Agreement.

Acknowledgment of Understanding
I expressly agree that this Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Oregon, and that this Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon. I further agree that in the event that any clause or provision in this Agreement shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of the Agreement which shall continue to be enforceable. I have read this Agreement, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I
acknowledge that I am signing this Agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend this, by my signature, to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.