Who We Are:

Core Values


Everything we do is based on being responsible for the success of our relationships. Being responsible for our actions and communication, we bring our best to all of our relationships and create a legacy for all women to follow.


We embrace our responsibility to humanity through being of service to our members, communities, and society at large. Our acts of service strengthen our communities allowing each of us to realize our purpose in the world.


We honor the women who came before us. We respect and value the diversity; the similarities and differences within the Family of Women and among women, men, families, and communities throughout the world. We acknowledge and respect the time, effort, and commitment of our members, both past and present, as well as those who bring their support to our mission. The standards we hold are a reflection of the respect we have for ourselves and others.


We lead with wisdom, knowledge, and good judgment; making sound choices and decisions based on truth and honesty. We are true to our word, being examples of women at their best. Everything we do is in alignment with our purpose and vision.


Trust is the foundation of our relationship; the culture of who we are, how we are with each other and in the world. We have confidence knowing that we are in this together and trust each other’s intention to live the Purpose of the Family of Women.