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Why We are Members of the Family of Women

Wondering how the Family of Women might benefit you?

At a recent Chapter Meeting, members of the Gratitude Chapter (Northern California) shared why they are in the Family of Women.  Here is a compilation of some of their comments.

I joined to make connections with women and develop a sisterhood.  I return because I appreciate the challenge of stepping out of my “box.”  I am able to have honest relationships with other women where we can be real – be accountable.  I get the support and love and push I need to continue the changes I want in my life from women who know what I am capable of and support me to be my best.

I love the realness and authenticity of the women in the FOW.

I can bring my imperfect self and not worry about being judged but am loved and embraced.  Love – I didn’t join for this reason but now it is what keeps me here!!  We offer a community of women from several generations who know each other – like in a family.

Here I can be mentored by experienced women so I can acquire skills for successful relationships.  I learn how to be a better me (more confident in myself).  Being in the Family of Women keeps me on track. Without it, I’m all over the map. I like setting goals and actions steps and using the tools I learn here in every aspect of my life.

The Family of Women is a place that honors women and our contributions to our families and the world.

I am able to share and assist young women to embrace their power, purpose and value.  The Family of Women gives me a place to give back to women as I have received so much – making a difference in the world.

I learn to be a better woman in all my relationships through leadership.

The gift I receive here is huge – I trust myself.

Interested in joining us?  Find a meeting near you!


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