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Your Value, Part 2

This is the second in a series of blog posts exploring some ways all women can embrace our power, purpose, and value. For previous posts, see Recent Posts on the right side of our Blog page. The concepts of a woman’s power, purpose, and value are part of the mission statement of the Family of Women, an international organization of women of which the authors are members.

The Treasure Chest of You
Your Value, Part 2:  Tips and Tools to Embrace your Value


When you make the choice to embrace your value and feel worthy, you can find treasures that were “hidden in plain sight” – qualities and characteristics you embody, like vibrant energy, patience, empathy, focus, listening, a sense of humor, and love.

Are you ready to choose to embrace your value? Then you’re in the right place! Before you do anything else:

# 1 Make the choice to embrace your value.
What does it mean to choose to embrace your value? It means that you have the intention to embrace your value – that you have thought it through and have a plan. It means that you are committed to thinking, acting, and speaking as a woman who knows she is valuable and knows that she matters.

Let’s look at other tools to help you embrace your value.

#2 Be in relationship with women you trust.
This is important because women are uniquely able to support each other by the very nature of being a woman! Women who know you and accept you can remind you to stay true to yourself. Be in relationship with at least one woman who can help you remember who you are when you forget or are in doubt.

Remember to take in compliments and positive feedback because it’s a great way to practice being trusting. In fact, doing this will help you embrace your value.

#3 Live in Gratitude!
Create a practice to live in gratitude daily! Do you like to journal? Make this a daily practice. Write down 2-3 things that you are grateful for in your life. It could be as simple as having toes and fingers, or that you can walk. Think about your assets – I have beautiful blue eyes, I’m a good cook, I take good care of my dog and cat. Being aware of your strengths and skills will help you recognize your value. There is no single way to measure value.

There are many ways to create a daily gratitude practice. Do you like to walk in nature? Take a daily walk and contemplate all the things that you have to be grateful for in your life. Don’t overlook the simple, ordinary things.


The things we take for granted, someone else is praying for.”

– Marlan Rico Lee


#4 Express your gratitude.
Look for opportunities to acknowledge and say “thank you” when you appreciate someone or something they did. And acknowledge yourself for what you do, including taking good care of yourself. Don’t limit your thanks and appreciation to big actions – expressing gratitude for the everyday things that you and others do is very important. When you celebrate the success of another woman, you lift her up, yes, and you also lift yourself up! This leads to lifting up others.

#5 Celebrate yourself on a daily basis.
Celebrate your efforts as well as your positive outcomes! Celebrate by bragging, treat yourself to your favorite coffee or ice cream, buy yourself a little gift, take a nap. Treat yourself to something you don’t often do, take a bubble bath, binge watch your favorite series, something that brings you a little joy.

Celebrate your strengths and passions.  Your strengths and passions are probably things that come easily to you and you don’t really think about them as being something special. These may be the very things that point you to your life’s purpose. Realize that you have something to give, something to share.

Tune in next time to recognize and acknowledge your power.

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  • Ahhhh what a delight to take a moment and ponder my value. Thank you, bloggers, for this “interruption” to a busy life … I express my gratitude for this moment of deep breath, introspection and gentle smile. And yes … I do have beautiful blue eyes … thanks Dad!

    With appreciation, Debeye

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